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AMPCurrently there are no tools for testing if AMP pages show up in the Google search results for a website. The only way to do this is by manual testing.

In relation to the validation of a new AMP website there was a request in the Google Webmaster Central Forum. A webmaster wanted to know how to check if AMP results for his webiste actually show up in the Google search results. The question was as follows:

"Is there any way I can test if AMP results show up for my site? In Germany there are currently only a few AMP results visible on Google SERPs?" 

Background: Google Search Console already shows several hundreds of indexed AMP pages for the respective website, but the webmaster could not find a single result on the Google SERPs. Tomo T. from Google answered to this question, that currently there is no tool for checking AMP results. However he said that he passed the question to the responsible developers:

"There's currently not a way that I know of to test if your AMP pages will show. I've flagged your request with our engineers so they're aware that this is something you would like to see in the future :) Thanks for the feedback!"

Maybe Google will show views and clicks of AMP pages in the Search Console in the near future. This was indicated by John Mueller a few days ago.



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