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People also ask - related queries in GoogleAccording to a statistic by MozCast, Google shows related queries in a "People also ask" box more often since the beginning of March. The related questions give you an extended bandwith of possible answers and help to outline specific topics in a better way.


Since July 2015 Google has shown the "People also ask" box for certain search requests. The aim of the related questions is to highlight additional aspects for some topics. The technique that is used for displaying the related questions is well-known in information retrieval. It is called "collaborative filtering". With ths technique, behavioural patterns of user groups are analyzed in order to suggest the interests of individuals. Collaborative filtering is widespread and for instance used by online shops to suggest other items based on purchased products.

According to a MozCast statistic, the share of queries for which "People also ask" boxes are displayed, has ascended steeply since the beginning of March: Beginning from March 11th, the share has risen from about 7.5 percent to roughly 15 percent:

Share of "People also ask" boxes in Google - MozCast


One reason for the rise of the related questions could be that Google wanted to test this feature before rolling out to a broader audience. It will be interesting to analyze for what kind of queries Google will display the box and if also commercial queries will be affected.



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