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Android keyboardGoogle is developing a keyboard for iOS devices, especially for the iPhone. According to a recent article, thus Google wants to push the number of mobile searches generated on theses devices.


Obviously, Google isn't satisfied with the number of mobile search requests, especially on iPhones. This might be the main reason for the search company to engineer a special keyboard for these devices, The Verge reports.

The Google keyboard features a variety of functions like gesture-based typing where you are able to slide with your finger from one character to another and let Google guess the words you want to type. By tapping the Google logo you are directed to the Google web search. In addition to this, there are search functions for images and GIFs, both powered by Google's image search. 

According to The Verge, the keyboard has been circulating among Google employees for months already. Its main objective is to push the number of mobile searches. Despite Google still being the biggest player in the search market, mobile search has been and still is a problem child for the company. In a report from October 2015, journalist Charles Arthur describes that half of the mobile users do zero searches per day on smartphones. The main reason for this probably is the shortfall of navigational searches like "facebook" or "gmail" on smartphones. Instead of searching for these services in Google and then clicking on the respective results, mobile users just open the appropriate app. No search needed.

If a third-party keyboard has any chances to prevail on iPhones remains to be seen. There must be a very good reason for users to install and use a keyboard other than the default one. Maybe for very search affine users the keyboard might be an improvement. But those users do search anyway - even without a special keyboard that supports them.




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