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SpamGoogle's spam detection abilities are limited outside the English language because for other languages there are fewer documents available in the web what impairs the algorithms responsible for clustering the documents. This means: Who wants to spam Google's search result pages shouldn't do it in English.


Despite the fact that Google's spam detection mechanisms are basically the same worldwide, their success ratio depends on the respective language for which they are used. For English, the language in which by far the most documents are written, spam detection works best. The more documents there are, the better the algorithms are able to detect certain spam patterns.

Also for spam detection, Google is testing or already using machine learning techniques. Even when there are understandably no known details about the respective algorithms for spam detection, one thing is clear: In order to allow self-learning and to improve continously, the algorithms need lots of documents to derive different patterns. Clustering of documents works best with huge corpora.

As Google employee Andrey Lipattsev told in a Q&A video this week, for some languages there aren't enough written documents available in the web in order to allow a reliable spam detection. As an example he mentioned Arabic. Despite the fact that this language is spoken by many people in the world, the number of Arabic documents in the web is so low that Google sometimes has to serve up any content it can find. Surey the same is true for many other languages.

Google Q&A March 2016


For spammer this means: If you want to be present on the top positions of Google's SERPs with low quality content, don't try it in English. Use a language that isn't widespread. But honestly: Hopefully Google will improve its spam detecion mechanisms for those languages as well. Low-quality content on the SERPs is annoying for everyone.


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