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Google AdWords newGoogle is conducting a complete redesign for its advertising platform Google AdWords. The main purpose of the redesign is to facilitate the platform's handling and to show the most important data at a glance.


After 15 years or so, the new AdWords user interface is supposed to help ad customers working with the tool. Relevant information will be displayed clearly arranged, and the design is aligned with other Google services. The following are the main changes that Google mentioned in a post on the Inside AdWords blog:

  • More emphasis on customers' products, less focus on Google's own products: KPIs and objectives that are relevant for the ad customers are displayed prominently in order to help optimizing their campaigns.
  • Some KPIs are highlighted, e.g. which campaigns drive the most profit, what percentage comes from mobile users etc.
  • In order to avoid unnecessary clicks, all major tools and data are gathered centrally.
  • Switch to Material Design: Google's way to display focusses on clear imagery and stresses usability aspects. Many Google products like Search, Gmail and Maps already use Material Design.

Google AdWords: new UI


As you can see in the screenshot provided by Google, on the left hand side of the screen there is a two-level navigation that contains the most important functions and data. Compared to the current user interface, this will save many clicks in menus and submenus. Each campaign, ad group and single ad has its own overview with all the relevant data.

Despite the redesign, there will be no new functions for AdWords. Google's plan is to finish the rollout of the new AdWords user interface until the end of 2017. However, first users will be able to test the new interface in the course of the next few months.





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