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StartPageTwo formerly independent search engines, Ixquick and StartPage, are now united. According to the founders, the main goal of the fusion is to increase the visibility for StartPage, a search engine that shows Google results, while the search requests are transmitted in an anonymized way.

If you go to the site today, instead of the meta search engine Ixquick that was located there before you will get to StartPage, a search engine that shows Google results. The characteristic about StartPage is that all search requests are anonymized before they are sent to Google's servers. This way, Google isn't able to collect personalized user data. In a blog post the founders of StartPage and Ixquick justify the fusion:

"The move should give StartPage another boost which should be noticeable not only in the site’s Alexa ranking but also traffic and word of mouth on the Internet."

StartPage and Ixquick tout the protection of users' privacy. StartPage makes money out of selling non-personalized search ads. Meta search engine Ixquick, that was formerly available under the URL, is still available under

The protection of personal data and privacy has gained attention since the disclosure of intelligence agencies' practices by Edward Snowden. In the course of this, alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo became more and more popular.




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