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TV test image In the near future Google's TV search results will contain also TV stations and air times for your favorite shows and films. This is a huge benefit for all the people that still use TV in a conventional way. In addition to this, Google expands its TV advertising efforts.

According to Google, TV-related searches on mobile devices grew by more than 55 percent - in the last year alone. Google's new TV search matches this trend. In the near future you will be able to search for your favorite show or film and as search results you will not only get websites and apps where you can stream them but also air times and channels you can turn your TV to. The so-called live listings will look like the following example:

Google TV search


Successful TV advertsing

Google's activities extend also to TV advertising. With a product called DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion it is possible to create individual ad streams for the TV viewers using server side ad insertion. According to Google, this works as well for direct TV as for program TV. The system has been tested successfully with two huge TV events: The world rugby finals on the French channel TF1 and the Republican Presidential Debates in the US on Fox News.

Google also announced the partnership with three additional TV companies: Cablevision, Roku and MCN which will deliver ads via DoubleClick in the future.


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