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YandexFor paid search ads in the Russian search engine Yandex, you can now change the Display URL. According to Yandex this leads to much higher click rates.

In the past it wasn't possible to adjust the green URL displayed in search ads on Yandex. The only thing visible there was the domain the ad referred to. Yandex now allows to edit this so-called Display URL. There is space available for 20 characters so that you can have URLs like this: "". This allegedly leads to a much higher CTR - according to Yandex in tests there was an increase by 307 percent on average.

Yandex with customizable Display URLs


The Display URLs don't have to be real existing URLs - they are just for presentation purposes. The actual landing page that is connected to the ad can be totally different. This is the same way Display URLs are handled on Google AdWords.

The new Display URLs are used for all ad positions on Yandex desktop and mobile search as well. You can use them also for dynamic ads where the ad text is generated based on the referring landing page.



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