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AppsIn Google Play Store apps that contain advertisements are now labelled with a "Contains ads" marker. This marker supplements the yet existing label for in-app purchases.

Advertisements inside apps can be annoying - depending on how the ads are placed they can impair the app's usability heavily. Ads in apps are especially irksome if you have paid apps that you expect to be free of ads. Until recently there was no labelling for ads that contain ads in Google Play Store. The only thing you had was a marker for apps with so-called in-app purchases, meaning that in the app you can buy additional features or premium content.

As reported yesterday Google Play Store now has a new label for apps that include ads. It is shown beneath the "Install" or "Open" button and has a text saying: "Contains ads". 

Google Play Store with label for in-app advertisements 


The label doesn't show up globally yet. For example, in the German Google Play Store, it is still missing:

Google Play Store: Label for in-app ads is missing


Last year Google requested all app developers of declaring via Developer Console if their app contains ads. The labelling of the respective apps was announced for the beginning of this year.

If you are curious what's an in-app advertisement in Google's eyes, you can refer to this page.


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