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Google extends search results columnGoogle has extended the column in which organic search results are displayed. Affected by the change are not only web results but also AdWords and local results.
The extension of the search results column means a grave modification of Google's search results page (SERP). Before the change the column had a width of 500 pixels. Now, after the change, it's 100 pixels more with an available space of 600 pixels. Simultaneously, the gap between the central column and the results area on the right hand side of the page was decreased by 5 pixels to now 60 pixels.


Google: broader search results



But not only web results are affected. The change also has an impact on AdWords and local search results. The so-called Local Pack now contains four rows of information per snippet.Compared to the older version there is now an additional line showing a description beneath the company name.

Google: broader local results


For organic search the most important changes concern the possible length of titles and descriptions: Titles can now have a length of up to 70 characters (compared to between 55 and 60 characters before). Descriptions will show up completely with a length of max. 170 characters now (compared to 155 characters before).

The changes are live in many countries right now. Besides the US, Canada and the U.K. also Google Germany shows the broader column.

Google Germany also shows broader search results




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