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AMPGoogle Search Console now shows impressions and clicks for AMP pages separately within an extra filter. Website owners can now check easily how successful their AMP pages really are.


After extending the error reports for AMP pages in Google Search Console at the beginning of this month, you can now also find search analytics data for these pages. To check this, in the Search Console you just have to navigate to "Queries > Search Appearance > Filter search appearance > AMP".

AMP pages: filter for search analytics data in Google Search Console


Until now, measuring search impressions and clicks for AMP pages has been quite difficult. Google Search Console was not an option, because it mixed up search analytics data for different result types - e.g. organic results, featured snippets or news articles.

There will problably be an additional differentiation of search analytics data in the future. John Mueller from Google for instance announced that voice search requests could be reported separately from the rest of the search analytics data.



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