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Local SEOGoogle is testing a new function for local search results on the web results page (called Local Pack). In the test version when you search for a product or service in combination with the name of a city, also businesses that are located outside the city border can appear.


The new Local Pack test version could bring some benefits for companies in the perimeter of large cities. Until now these businesses have been confronted with the problem that despite their proximity towards the respective city they mostly did not appear for search requests containing the name of the city.

This might be changed by the new Local Pack version being tested currently. You can see an example screenshot that was discovered by Sergey Alakov. It shows search results in a Local Pack titled "Volkswagen dealer toronto" with the subline "near Toronto, ON".


Google: Local Pack "near city"


In the course of the recently rolled out "Possum" update (inofficial name), there already have been some improvements for those near-city businesses which meant a higher chance for them to appear in the Local Pack.


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