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Maps searchFor certain search requests, Google asks its users for new locations on a map. Users may add the locations to Google Maps search.

Some Google users might see a new element on the search result pages: For certain search requests Google displays a map combined with the question "Do you know this place?" Below the map there is a button labeled "Add to Google Maps".


Google asks for location


Interestingly, these questions only appear for search requests that do not have a local reference. In the example shown above, the search request was the German word "vertriebserfolge" which means something like "sales successes" in English.

The search request was entered somewhere in the Hamburg area, which is why the displayed map in the example shows a location near Hamburg.

Google increasingly reverts to user input for the compilation of search results. One good example for this is Google's Local Guide program: Here users of Google Maps can upload photos and answer questions related to visited locations. They are rewarded with incentives like special Webmaster Hangouts, previews for new features or conferences.


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